Wonder why the flowers you bring home from the grocery store don't look like the ones in your florist's cooler? Gather a group of friends, pick up your own bouquets, and enjoy a glass of wine while I show you how to properly prepare the flowers and  teach you two different techniques to create an arrangement that no one will ever guess once shared a cart with your eggs and bisquick!

Are you a crafty bride looking to DIY your wedding flowers with the help of some friends? Let me help streamline the process! I can order your flowers and then lend my years of floral knowledge and experience to help you create your masterpieces.

How does this work?
After getting to know you, your wedding, and your budget, I'll order your flowers from my wholesalers. My costs are usually 50-70% lower than a retail florist, Sam's Club, or an online "wholesaler" - plus the flowers are guaranteed to be higher quality, as they are chosen by myself and my wholesaler specifically for you & sourced directly from growers both locally and across the globe. I'll also order all the supplies and necessities, so you're never left thinking "I wish I'd known it would use this much ribbon..."

When the flowers arrive, I will help you and your floral helpers to process the flowers correctly, making sure they are properly hydrated and will last through your whole special day. Then, I'll walk you through creating a bouquet, a boutonniere, a corsage, and a centerpiece while you and your helpers follow along. One fun plan is to have me create the bridal bouquet, while each bridesmaid puts together her own bouquet (and the bride enjoys a glass of wine!). Moms and grandmas love to work with flowers, too! I can come to you, or you can leave the mess behind by coming to my studio.